Men’s Divorce Law Firm: Orlando FL Divorce Lawyers

Men’s Divorce Law Firm is a law practice with a simple mission, which is to help men going through a divorce with expert advice and assistance. Created by Jeffrey Feulner, the firm believes that husbands, fathers and anyone else affected by family law all play a part in the equation that needs to be addressed fairly and properly by the courts.

We have a deep understanding of what our clients are going through given that Attorney Feulner is a father and has gone through a divorce himself. This gives the Men’s Divorce Law Firm a perspective that simply can’t be matched with other law firms because we understand the painful emotions and stressful times that are common during the end of a marriage.

We will always listen to all of our clients questions and provide transparency and clear communication on every case that we work on. We always serve our clients with their best interest in mind. Men’s Divorce Law is a strong supporter of settling disputes outside of the courtroom, but if need be are prepared to represent our clients aggressively.

A common concern that we come across with clients is that the courts are biased in favor of women. To combat this we try to provide an unparalleled level of confidence with everyone we work with that they are receiving the best possible representation.

Attorney Feulner and the Men’s Divorce Law Firm were incredible. It was a very bad time in my life and they were there for me and did a great job. I highly recommend to anyone to use the Men’s Divorce Law Firm.